Downloaded files are to be used in a positive way to promote Entosense products and Entomphagy in general. As long as this is the intention, you can copy and distribute as many as you want.

In a nutshell, as long as you are using the materials on this site for positive reasons, you are fine. Do not use these materials to disparage Entosense or our associates. Do not use these materials to denigrate the idea of adding insects to our diets or of the people that eat insects.

“Materials” designate any file downloaded from this site.

Entosense owns all rights to materials on this site.

The materials downloaded here may only be used in their original form. Parts of these files can not be used separately.

EntoStyle is for Entosense clients, sales reps and associates only.

If you are in-doubt, email us or call us at 1-800-794-1829.

Here are some example uses – the good and the bad:

Edit, download, copy & distribute materials to promote your store. FANTASTIC USE OF MATERIALS!

Edit the “I Ate A Bug Certificate” to include a local schools name and logo, make 1,000 copies & give to the school free. FANTASTIC USE OF MATERIALS!

Print 1,000 “Entomophagy Posters” and hand them out at a local event. FANTASTIC USE OF MATERIALS!

Use the “Good For You” & “Good For The Planet” graphics in a poster promoting your store and Entomophagy. FANTASTIC USE OF MATERIALS!

Give a few free “I Ate A Bug Certificate” to everyone that buys a Mini-Kicker. FANTASTIC USE OF MATERIALS!

Customize social media posts with customers logo and name to use on their social networks. FANTASTIC USE OF MATERIALS!

Let your kids and their friends use these materials in school projects. FANTASTIC USE OF MATERIALS!

Edit and download a graphic with another company’s name and logo unrelated to Entosense or Entomophagy. ILLEGAL USE OF MATERIALS.

Use the graphics from the “Bug Stickers” to create buttons. ILLEGAL USE OF MATERIALS.

Copy and use one of the kids from the “Entomophagy Poster” for use on other materials. ILLEGAL USE OF MATERIALS.


If you use these materials in a way we do not agree with, we will consider filing a lawsuit for damages. Once you distribute materials we consider harmful, the damage has been done and we will seek compensation.

Call us if you have any question about the legal use of these materials. 1-800-794-1829

We are generous in their use but serious about our rights.